Access Level

There are 2 types of access levels: Admin (โ€œOwnerโ€, โ€œSuperAdminโ€), and User. These are granted by holding one of the following - User Badge and Admin Badge.

Users and Admins can read specific information, including current balances (deposit/borrow) and transaction history.

Please see below for further feature access for Badge holders.


Admins are determined on the whole protocol level, meaning each Admin can manage any available pool, or add one.

Furthermore, Admin can interact with the Vault by:

  • calling the liquidation of a single user, or

  • withdrawing accumulated pool reserves,

  • locking further pool deposits, or borrows.


Whenever someone connects with the protocol by using the Radix Wallet Connect, a User Badge is put into action and the User can interact by calling the following functions:

  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Borrow

  • Repay

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