Physical Delivery

It sounds simple: You deliver goods & you get the tokens. However, the process behind is a bit more complex and it answers some of the questions:

What assets are accepted?

For now, SRWA Vaulting is the on-demand product with a configuration based on the project demand. Each project selects a specific set of acceptable assets with a unique set of governing rules.

How do I know I will get the expected amount of tokens?

Before the tokens are issued, delivered assets run a predefined set of quality assurance measures to make sure assets meet the required project standard.

The amount of issued and transferred tokens depends on the known rules and is disputable by the asset owner.

What's the QA Process?

The Quality Assurance process itself is a part of standard project configuration and is known upfront. It typically involves an independent 3rd party auditor with the dispute in an optimistic algorithm, so each party is incentivized to act in an honest way (or penalized for fraudulent behaviour).

How long does it take to get tokens for delivered assets?

Our goal is to get this time as short as possible. For some assets, it could be close to near time.

However, depending on the asset class and QA Process, it is possible to have a two-week time frame between the delivery of assets and tokens.

How much does it cost? Who is paying the fees?

Again, it is possible to configure the SRWA Vaulting per project and asset basis. Both sides (deliver/redeem) can have a different pricing strategy.

As a decision guideline, some producers are waiting for up to one year to get paid for their delivered products. Determining the fee structure might be led with a simple question: How much would they value the payment in tokens within 2 weeks?

It is also possible to subsidy fees for project participants.

And then, the other way around.

Once you want to get the physical assets from the vault - how do you know you get the desired amount for your tokens? How do you dispute and dispatch? It is all sorted out within a project configuration.

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