Token Exchange

There are cases when you are not a producer of an asset, so you can't deliver it physically. And you might want to buy or sell it.

Predominantly there are two identified reasons for this:

  1. just to adjust the exposure to the asset, or

  2. to be able to redeem physical assets from the vault.

The solution here is to use an exchange, and it could have different forms:

FIAT On/Off-Ramp

There are already established service providers where one can buy or sell different cryptocurrencies for cash. These solutions often include credit card payments, wire transfers, Apple Pay etc.

It is even possible to create a dedicated pair and liquidity for exchanges between fiat currencies and selected RWA tokens.

Crypto - Crypto

It is also possible to enable exchanges between RWA and other cryptocurrencies. It could be done by anyone at a decentralized exchange (DEX - Uniswap, Ociswap, Caviarnine), or by the project in collaboration with a centralized exchange (Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase etc).

There are fees associated with each type of exchange, and it is not part of the core SRWA product stack. We typically integrate 3rd party solutions.

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