Additional Considerations


The aim is to make the blueprint open source and governed by the community of builders and users of the protocol. Hence, adding pools, setting interest rate models, protocol reserves management, liquidations, and other factors are all governed by the core team at the moment.

User Badge

The user badge does not require a dedicated transaction. It is automatically created at first Deposit.


There is no need for a dedicated transaction, account deposits are treated as collateral by default.

LP Token

There is no LP Token to represent the account deposit position in a given pool.

Flash Loans

Flash loans were not considered during the implementation.

Data Structures

The core team is aware that the implemented HashMap data structure is not the best performer, and it is possible to improve performance by adding more suitable solutions in the future.


At an early stage, a GatewayAPI is used to fetch the data from the ledger. The team is working on the implementation of a RadixAPI as a solution.

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